The domain name is more or less the face the company in today’s world. Every single hour there are more than thousands of people entering the world of internet for the first time. This brings forth the need for companies to increase their efforts in reaching out to the mass. Domain names should be short yet should contain all that the company stands for. The domain name ‘’ can be taken as an example, as soon as a football fan unaware of the sports news outlet types goal, the website pops up. And after that it depends on the quality of the content in the website if it is enough to hold the fan. With this website offering free membership, that is one potential member right there. The closer the domain name is to the product of the company the more mass it fetches.

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Domain Name Prices:

Depending on the structure and size of a business, the company should decide how much they would want to spend on their domain name. It is very important for the company to have the knowledge of how a hundred dollars domain name differs from a ten thousand dollar one. Some companies even decide to shift their names to match their domain names for it can definitely be beneficial. Sometimes it is true that domain name of the company is more important than the company’s name.

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Some domain names have been sold at well over a million dollars, for example ‘’ was sold at thirty five million way back in 2007, ‘’ was sold at three million and three hundred thousand dollars in 1998, ‘’ was sold at around five million dollars in 2000, ‘’ at eleven million dollars and list goes on. It is quite clear that companies who believe in the importance of their domain name can go all out for their requirements. Though in phase, 2012-2014 ,the prices saw a serious dip with ‘’ being sold at are one and a half million dollars, ‘’ being sold at around the one and half million mark and ‘’ being sold at around two and half million.

Although from the look at the list one might think that companies usually try to go for domain names that are catchy and everyday words, it is not so. Domain names like ‘’ , ‘’, ‘’ have all brought great success to their companies and are yet at all not common everyday words. The amount of creativity the company applies bears maximised results in this regard. Sometimes a person might find a intriguing name sticking to his mind and he might feel curious to find more about it. The perfect domain name also helps in brand recognition. Here are few factors that influence the prices of the domain names and some aspects one should consider before investing.

The ‘.com’ suffix: ‘.COM’ suffixed domain names are always more expensive that domain names with extensions such as ‘net’, ‘in’, etc. Domain names with the ‘.com’ extension tend to inspire more confidence in website visitors.

Length: The price of the domain names with shorter length and less number of words brings more crowd. As more people can remember the name easily and these are usually expensive.

Uniqueness: More unique the domain name of the company, the easier it is for the crowd to set the company apart. This is huge brand recognition and companies take it very seriously. Creativity play a very important role in this matter.

Trends: A company must keep changes and trends in mind , while deciding on their domain names. Many companies make huge profits with, trends as wind behind their sails. But critical thinking is very important as cashing out on a trend is fine but the factor of longevity has to be kept in mind while making progress.

How Much Should One Really Pay For Domain Names?

With so much depending on the domain name of the company, it should well be worth a few thousand dollars. For it is undeniable that an ideal domain name can change the fortune of the company.

But here is why you should avoid paying a fortune for it. Say about thirty years back the minimum cost of domain names were quite high for the day with it ranging between a seventy to a hundred dollars. The renewal cost used to be half of the price. There is a marked difference now with prices dropping to all time low of ten dollars every year.

Choosing the right registrars to register does influence the prices of the domain names . The services offered by the different registrars are usually different. While some offering web hosting along with the domain name. Others can be more lucid about the actual price of the domain name and the service charge they demand.

What If The Domain Name Is Already Registered?

But one might face the issue of a domain name already being taken up, while looking for one. When a company faces such a situation such a situation, it is usually beneficial for the company to look for alternatives. The reason for not going after a specific domain name that is already occupied by someone is that the company has to pay, whatever the seller desires. Domain names consisting of words which are catchy can be sold at a very high price. And then when the trend dies down the deal might not seem worth it.

There are no accurate way of judging the value of a domain name. As most of it depends on how much will it yield in the future.


The importance of the ideal domain name for a company cannot be gauged. It is quite common to find companies who have scaled heroics in their fields and a they owe a lot of their success to their domain names. Though at times companies have paid a lot of money in getting hold of the domain name that they wanted, that is always necessary. A company well aware of the current trends and the nature of the selling factor, they just might pick up their perfect domain name without much hassle and expense. The research that a company needs to put in behind finding the right domain name is tremendous. Sometimes a company might even need to adjust that slight bit to get the better of the deal.

How Much Should You Pay For A GoDaddy Domain Name? (Plus Coupon Codes!)
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