Sure, you can snatch up a 99 cent domain name, or even a free one if you purchase a web hosting plan (most companies will include a free domain name). But once that first year passes, you’ll be stuck paying the regular rates…unless you use a domain registrar that offers renewal coupons or other special offers to save you money.

Here are our Top Ten Domain Registars For Renewals, as well as Renewal Coupon Code Websites:

godaddy renewal coupon codes

  1. GoDaddy

    – A quick google search will turn up lots of websites offering godaddy renewal coupon codes. As you approach the 1-year mark, the company will also email you offers to renew your domain early. You can also forgo their tempting “99 Cents for the first year” and use a 30% off promo code that you can use for multiple years, which will save you more money overall.


    – The not-so-well-known domain registrar will also email you custom discount codes to try and entice you into renewing early. These offers come once a month for the six-months before your domain is scheduled to expire (or auto-renew, depending on your settings). The discount is usually only about 15% off, however.


    – There’s no one better for getting new domain names for cheap. The friendly company has the best prices for nearly every domain extension imaginable. But there aren’t any ‘renew early and save’ offers, at least as far as we’ve gotten.

Tips To Save Money on Domain Names.

The reason introductory prices are so cheap on domain registrations is that the companies make their money back (and then some!) on renewals, hosting, and other add-on features. There’s no way around this.

But if you know this ahead of time, you can choose the right path way ahead of time and save yourself money for years to come.

#1 Register for Multiple Years

You know all those special rates they are offering you when the hosting company’s are first courting you? Take advantage of it by locking in your domain registration by up to 5 years (that’s all you can legally register for).

Search for “Free Domain For Life”:

A very select number of hosting companies will promise you a free domain name for life. So, as long as you’re a customer with them, you will never be charged for the domain name. A quick google search on our end turned up three hosts that current offer this feature:

Search For ‘Price-Lock’ Guarantee:

Hosting is going to be much more expensive in the long run, so it might be worth it to search for web hosting that has a ‘price-lock guarantee’, which means that what you pay in the first year won’t ever go up. Hostmetro is one company that makes such an offer.

While they don’t offer a free domain for life (only the first year), the $14.95/year renewal rate is a far cry from the over-$100 average renewal rate of web hosting. So if you can get a discounted rate (i.e. $35/year), then overall you save much more money.

The Top Domain Registrars For Renewals As Well As Renewal Coupons
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