The Top Domain Registrars For Renewals As Well As Renewal Coupons

godaddy renewal coupon codes

Sure, you can snatch up a 99 cent domain name, or even a free one if you purchase a web hosting plan (most companies will include a free domain name). But once that first year passes, you’ll be stuck paying the regular rates…unless you use a domain registrar that offers renewal coupons or other special offers to save you money.

Here are our Top Ten Domain Registars For Renewals, as well as Renewal Coupon Code Websites:

godaddy renewal coupon codes

  1. GoDaddy

    – A quick google search will turn up lots of websites offering godaddy renewal coupon codes. As you approach the 1-year mark, the company will also email you offers to renew your domain early. You can also forgo their tempting “99 Cents for the first year” and use a 30% off promo code that you can use for multiple years, which will save you more money overall.


    – The not-so-well-known domain registrar will also email you custom discount codes to try and entice you into renewing early. These offers come once a month for the six-months before your domain is scheduled to expire (or auto-renew, depending on your settings). The discount is usually only about 15% off, however.


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