How Much Should You Pay For A GoDaddy Domain Name? (Plus Coupon Codes!)


The domain name is more or less the face the company in today’s world. Every single hour there are more than thousands of people entering the world of internet for the first time. This brings forth the need for companies to increase their efforts in reaching out to the mass. Domain names should be short yet should contain all that the company stands for. The domain name ‘’ can be taken as an example, as soon as a football fan unaware of the sports news outlet types goal, the website pops up. And after that it depends on the quality of the content in the website if it is enough to hold the fan. With this website offering free membership, that is one potential member right there. The closer the domain name is to the product of the company the more mass it fetches.

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Domain Name Prices:

Depending on the structure and size of a business, the company should decide how much they would want to spend on their domain name. It is very important for the company to have the knowledge of how a hundred dollars domain name differs from a ten thousand dollar one. Some companies even decide … Read the rest